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Wind Spinner - Mini Set Floral Mandala

Celebrate spring and it's medley of vibrant colors with this mini floral mandala wind spinner and twister tail combo set! The bright cyan, golden yellow, and sunset orange powder-coated colors are not only chip-resistant but also shine stronger than ever together. The stainless steel construction ensures a rust-proof product allowing you to spice up your home or garden any day of the year. 

See this wonderful floral mandala mini set in action and witness the beauty of its colors by clicking the video down below! 

Full Product Specifications:

  • 6.5" Mini-Spinner Diameter
  • 7.5" Mini-Twister Length
  • 14" Total Length
  • Rust-proof solid stainless steel construction 
  • Non-chipping and ultra vibrant powder-coated paint surface
  • Includes stainless steel hook for easy set-up 
  • Mini-Spinner Colors: Cyan/Blue/Orange/Red/Gold/Green
  • Mini-Twister Colors: Gold/Silver/Cyan