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Stainless Steel Wind Spinner - Mini Set Animated Dragonfly

 The mosquito's worst nightmare is back, now in a smaller but just as potent form! Introducing the mini animated dragonfly wind spinner and twister tail combo set. This elegant combo adds balance and poise to an already beautifully animated dragonfly design all within a mini form to fit snugly on your porch, patio or even indoors (just make sure you have a motor for in-door use, it's linked below.)! As always the fully stainless steel construction you can depend on for rust-free quality and the powder-coated paint allow this mini set to shine brightly all year-round. 

See this mini animated dragonfly mini set in action by clicking the video down below!

Full Product Specifications:

  • 6.5" Mini-Spinner Diameter
  • 7.5" Mini-Twister Length
  • 14" Total Length
  • Rust-proof solid stainless steel construction 
  • Non-chipping and ultra vibrant powder-coated paint surface
  • Includes stainless steel hook for easy set-up 
  • Animated Design
  • Mini-Spinner Colors: Green/Silver/Blue/Pink
  • Mini-Twister Colors: Silver/Purple

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