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Wind Spinner - Mini Animated Blue Humming Bird

A bold and beautiful little mini hummingbird brings a cheerful presence to any backyard! This blue & cyan stainless steel mini hummingbird wind spinner utilizes animated surface coating to actively mimic the fluttering of a small hummingbird when spinning freely in the wind or indoors on a motor. The powder-coated paint allows its vibrant colors to shine ever so brightly and liven up the patio, garden or even your living room. 

For the full-size version of this wind spinner please click here. 

For the mini-set  version (comes with a mini twister tail) of this wind spinner please click here.

See this Mini Animated Blue Hummingbird Wind Spinner in action to appreciate its memorizing beauty. Please see the attached video below to witness it action!

Full Product Specifications:

  • 6.5" Diameter
  • Rust-proof solid stainless steel construction 
  • Non-chipping and ultra vibrant powder-coated paint surface
  • Includes stainless steel hook for easy set-up 
  • 3D Design
  • Main Colors: Cyan/Blue/Purple/Green