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Stainless Steel Wind Spinner - Deer


Bring home the wilderness with this stainless steel deer-themed wind spinner. For the outdoor lovers and nature trekkers, this earth-toned powder-coated Deer Wind Spinner would work great hanging off of your 4x4 UTV/ATV if only it were practical to do so. Regardless of placement, the powder-coated paint and solid stainless steel design allows this spinner to be proudly displayed all-year round. 

You really have to see this stainless steel Deer Wind Spinner in action to appreciate its raw beauty. Please see the attached product video below to witness it action!

Large Version:

Mini Version:  
(Video/Product Photos Coming Soon! Please see our other mini wind spinners for similar examples on dimensions)

We suggest pairing up this product with the gold short tail for extra stability during strong winds as well as for that extra touch of flair. 

Full Product Specifications:

  • 12" Diameter (Large Version) 
  • 6.5" Diameter (Mini Version)
  • Rust-proof solid stainless steel construction 
  • Non-chipping and ultra vibrant powder-coated paint surface
  • Includes stainless steel hook for easy set-up 
  • Main Colors: Brown/Gold

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